Thursday, June 19, 2014

She holds the key

I took a few days from card making to concentrate on a mixed media canvas that I couldn't get out of my head. I painted the background in blues then applied lots of paper pieces that my friend and I created last month using a Gelli plate. I knew I wanted a girl figure to be partially behind a wall, so one side was a series of strips aligned one atop each other to create the illusion of a wall.


I then used various stamps in black and white inks and used an ink spritz. Then I toned it down a bit with a yellow wash before adding my figure. I cut a head, torso, arm, leg and hand from torn book pages and a dress from a blue plaid card stock. I had to use tape on the back to adhere the pieces in their proper place and order. Once I was satisfied I used matt finish to show only part of her as though she was behind this wall.

But I felt she got lost in the busy background so I used a bubble stencil to apply lots of off white, more stamps in brown with red and light blue paint accents. The hair was painted in yellow, then brown, then black then more beige. Lastly I adhered the words and applied the black accents. It's a garden and she's peering out from behind the garden wall.

Around her neck she holds the key. Will she come out and use it?



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  1. I love that you couldn't get her out of your head until you put her on the canvas. It's a wonderful canvas with meaning and it tickles me that the girls you create remind me of you.
    p.s…..just got back from WHS graduation and was thinking of you and the rest of us on our graduation day. xo