Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Four is better than one, so lets make 12

I attended a card class at my Local Scrapbook Store on Saturday. The class was geared toward metallic Christmas cards. The first used a Nuvo Mousse background and the second and third were supposed to be guilding flakes. For some reason the nuvo glue was not working, even though we tried so many times. Eventually we went to embossing. At the end of the class I used the stamps with Archival Ink on water color paper to bring home and use another time. I left my Archival Ink on the table, by the way. I may or may not get it back. So I had to order a new one.

I like making extra cards and I thought about this idea while I was sleeping. Why not scan the image, print on my laser and use my Minc to foil it. The result would be as good as guilding and/or embossing. So I did.

But then I took it one step farther. Why waste the foil after it was embossed? the reverse image could be just as lovely, if not more so. And that is what I did.

With each of the stamps I created: 1 from class, 1 watercolor, 1 Minc and 1 Minc reverse.

I am 12 more cards into my 65 I need to make. It was a good day.

Friday, July 13, 2018

A Process Video - By Me

It has taken me 2 full days to rig up my camera to do a process video, create the clips of an art journal page and edit. It took me a few hours to gather all my materials, produce this page and shoot the scenes over and over.

The edit part took all day today. The Windows application for creating video was OK for little story clips, like Andy.

But it does not have all the bells and whistles I needed to make a decent process video. I started watching some videos and found VidProMom. She recommended VSDC, it was free to download, and the learning curve was not very scary. So I went for it.

It did take some practice to line up all my clips so there was no black space or downtime, like when I had the camera running but did not know it. Unlike Photo, this application did not come with music, so I had to find my own. Another snag, finding appropriate music without paying for a license? Again I checked with VidProMom and she recommended some sites to go to and how to legally use them. Finally I got all my clips aligned, my texts in, my tips noted, my music applied in the right places. Yay. Conversion takes at least 30 minutes every time, so the smallest error set me back.

Finally, just about cocktail time, I was ready to upload to YouTube. but it took forever, so I had to cancel and sleep on it. The video was 4GB, yikes. I had to compress it. I changed it from 1920/1080 to 1080/720 and 30FPS to 20FPS. That was more acceptable. The conversion process was cut by 60%. This reminds me so much of my career days when I would tweak one little piece of code in a program, only to find out when I recompiled it affected something else. Just can't leave well enough alone.

Art Journal Wishing Well 7-13-18

Granted, I have work to do like sound checks (ha ha). We'll get to that. After a dozen recompiles, I learned so much.

I do want to give a shout out to Vidpromom.com and Shawn Petite who really inspired me to do videos in my back 30.

Product List:
stencils by Shawn Petite Shawn Petite Store
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Liquitex professional Matte Medium. Glazing medium & heavy body acrylic
Ranger Archival Ink - Jet Black
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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Just Start... again

It has been so long since I posted anything on my blog. Let's see if I still remember how to do this.

I have been thinking about trying my hand at making videos. Other people do it, so why not me? Last year I bought a really good camera that takes great videos. I did not buy it for the video-making capabilities, I bought it to take photos. Last year I also bought a new laptop and it has a built-in video editor. What is stopping me? Me.

Just like anything, the voice in my head says "Just Start".

I signed up for a videography class for $11. It was pretty basic. I practiced with a few workshop video clips then tested them in the video editor. Voila I had a video. Nothing anyone would care to see, but it was a start. Later I began taking video clips of my dog, Andy. Now other than his morning trip to the beach, his day is pretty lazy. But I took several clips during the day and put them to music with some text editing. Again, far from professional, but this time I produced the video and uploaded it to YouTube. Pretty brave, right?

If I want to do any overhead taping, like process videos where I show my work on a project, I need some sort of a tripod. I watched a YouTube video from a young man, really young, but oh, so very articulate. He suggested using a microphone stand which can be picked up really inexpensively (cheap) on Amazon. I found one for about $12 that clips to the desk. My camera has a bendy tripod, that I think I may be able to mount somehow. It is worth a try. I definitely am not looking to invest too heavily into some equipment until I know I have the interest, talent and hutzpah to actually make videos.

What is my goal here? I am not exactly looking for a million followers or subscribers. My world is pretty small and I like it that way. It is a challenge, and I enjoy a challenge. Just remembering how to post on my blog is a challenge. Yet here I am.

That is it. Maybe I can be a little better about visiting this site. I'm 4 years into my back 30 and still kicking.

here is my video about my handsome, handsome little boy if you care to watch. Maybe, just maybe, there will be more coming. Whoa. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOJbakg0ZZA