Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Cronie collaboration

I am calling this a cronie collaboration only because we have been friends for 55 years, not because we are old, by any stretch of the imagination. Last visit to Connecticut my very talented artsy friend and I decided to try a collaboration of art. We would each send one another the beginning of a project and it was the other's responsibility to complete it. Yesterday I received this in the mail:

Giant tag and flash card


I haven't seen a flash card in years, I wonder if she found it at a tag sale. Anyway, I had to start on my project immediately. OCD.. I do more cards than other art, and that was a really big tag for an A2 card. I either had to go big or go double. I decided to go big.

The flash card was two-sided. On the reverse was 3 x 9. I cut out the 2, 3 and 9, not sure where I was going exactly.. But once I flipped the 9 and had a 6, I figured I was as wise as an owl. I just got my chatting whoots stamp from Art Impressions last week, so I stamped and colored them with prismacolor pencils and Gamsol then cut them out.

I used the silhouette cameo to sketch and cut the "Seriously, who gives a hoot" on a velum call-out and used my printer on musical pattern paper to print out words relating to school as well as the congratulatory banner.

Lastly I attached the tag to a piece of off-white card stock which I hinged and cut to size as a card base.

I think it's cute. If you know anyone graduating from elementary school. I have just the card.

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  1. Celise! I love what you did with this tag and I'm so sorry my piece isn't done yet. I've got a crazy week, but with any luck I'll post my finished piece tomorrow. This is so much fun and I love your cheery blog posts.