Tuesday, June 24, 2014

S-T-R-E-T-C-H-I-N-G Stamps

I took on a completely different project this week on stretching stamps.


I created a thread art canvas using Art Impressions stamps. These stamps were intended for watercolor, but I stretched it outside the box and used thread instead.

I started with a stamped image on sketch paper using Jumbo Water Can, Blue Bells, WC Tiny Vine, Wild Grass and Flower Border. This was to decide how I wanted it to look.


Then I used Memento Desert Storm dye ink to create the same image on white cotton fabric. I chose a very light ink so it would be visible, but easily covered.

Then I applied a stabilizer to the back of my fabric using a very hot dry iron. The stabilizer is important to keep the fabric from stretching or bunching. Afterwards I secured the piece in an 8 inch embroidering hoop.

The hoop is placed such that the fabric lays flat. It gives extra stability to keep the fabric in place and acts as a steering wheel for guidance.

I replaced the regular presser foot with a free motion foot and lowered the feed dog pressure plate. The bobbin works best with a neutral color such as grey and the machine is threaded with whatever colors needed for the project.

One at a time.

I set the stitch length to .5. The first stitch should be done manually to pull the bobbin thread to the top. That avoids a mess underneath. When stopping and starting new threads always stitch in place 3 or 4 times to lock it in. I stitched very slowly and moved the hoop to guide the stitches.

When it was done, I backed the piece with a fleece and mounted onto a wooden frame.

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