Monday, June 23, 2014

Box card

I created my first box card with the silhouette cameo. I downloaded the cut file from the online store and watched a couple of videos to see how they were made.

My #2 grand daughter turns four next month and I wanted to make a special card for her. She loves books and the color purple, so I plan to make a box card with those attributes.

This was my practice example. TEDIOUS. So many pieces!




It does lie flat, if you make it correctly and fits into an A2 envelope. But after hours of cutting and gluing I had this horrible vision that upon opening the envelope she would rip open the card as well destroying every seam and cutesy little pop-up. Last year I made her a card and she carried it around with her all day, it didn't fare well after a dip in the pool.

So I thought instructions might be important. The extra ribbon was adhered at the back of tallest panel and then tied with a tag. Once untied, the sides should flop down and the center pieces pop up. (In theory)

Now I know how to make them, but I cannot see myself spending hours on end coming up with creative ideas for these type of cards. They are cute, but, as a rule, I don't do cute. But now I have a cute Pink 4 yr old birthday card for someone. Know anyone turning 4 who likes pink? It's yours.

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