Thursday, January 23, 2014

WW It's a Climb

So today was the end of week 2 at weight watchers. My success was not as measurable as week one, but I am still descending. I really did not expect to be able to be back at goal in two weeks. But, I was hoping for more than 1/2 pound. Grrrrr.

Lesson learned. I cannot take anything for granted. If I don't pay attention, close attention, to what I am consuming, how and when I am consuming it, the pounds are not going to fall off by themselves. I should know that already. Weight loss is not an event, it is a process.

Had popcorn for lunch today, we went to the movies, saw Jack Ryan, Shadow Recruit. Although popcorn is on the WW power food list, I don't think the movie theatre version is all too healthy.

Good action movie, great on the big screen. Senior discount and matinee rate. $5.50. Can't beat that.



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