Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Jigsaw addiction

I do love jigsaw puzzles. I prefer the 1000 piece puzzles and better yet, those with unusual shaped pieces. I do not, however, go for impossible designs, like where's Waldo or a collage of nothingness. It has to be a painting or photograph, something worth looking at day in day out during the process of construction.

When we were up in the mountains last week, our friends brought this dachshund jigsaw puzzle. Our puppies, Andy and Daffodil are litter mates, and they are half doxie. We were only there for a little over a day and this puzzle was a wee bit too challenging for that short a visit. We barely completed the border. So I brought it home to finish.

Sunday I took it out of the box and began reconstruction of the border and set up the pieces by color. I use a heavy poster board as my base rather than placing directly on a table. This makes for quick relocation in the event I need to use my dining room or if company is coming.

I used to have other boards for the pieces, but I was unable to find them this week, so I confiscated the covers from the Christmas bins. Since I separate by color onto these covers I can transport them one at a time with me in front of the TV and put them together; then later integrate the blobs back into the main puzzle. Avoids having to sit or stand at the table for long periods, saving my back and neck from strain.

When I finish this my friend is going to glue it together and take it to the Vet's office. It is such a cute picture. At my current rate, it should be done by the weekend. Like everything else with me, it is so addictive. Just one more piece....


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  1. You've passed it on to Charissa and the girls, they LOVE jigsaw puzzles. What a lovely gift for your friends to get for you- Andy and Picadilly are famous.