Sunday, January 12, 2014

My Apps

There seems to be an App For everything. All you need is to know where to look. Some Apps are free, others are free with a caveat... Like "get me, but I will hound you to death with ads until you spend the $1.99 and buy me". I prefer to take the freebie, if I find it useful, I will fork over the cash, otherwise I delete it. Of course deleting it doesn't mean it goes away permanently, you can always retrieve it from "the cloud".

I have found some truly valuable Apps. One, of course, is this one... Blogsy. I can write a post or update a post directly from my IPAD, it doesn't matter whether your blog is Wordpress, Blogspot or any other, it has the appropriate API to handle them all. Another very useful App is Textastic. I can update my webpages directly to the server without FTP. That is a life saver. I prefer never to log into a PC unless absolutely necessary. When it was time to do our annual Christmas card I downloaded a collage App, Pic Collage. In a matter of seconds I was able to put my holiday photo together and ship it off to Walgreens for printing.

Today I used it to group a bunch of my DIM (did it myself) greeting cards together. Just to see what it looked like; Also to come up with a color picture to post on Today's blog post. Truth is, that was the real reason I did it. Posts need color.

I have noticed that many of the other card makers world wide use a water mark on their cards when they post them to web sites for copyright purposes. So I went looking for a watermark application. Sure enough there it was EzY Watermark... Free. Works too. It will be an added step, but I think it will be worth it should I ever become famous. Never know, in my wise old age, I believe anything is possible.



Today is Sunday, another day of Football playoffs. The result of today's games will determine who meets the Patriots and Seahawks in their respective conferences for the Championship. Good day to hang out in my workshop and listen to my sweetheart yell at the TV from afar.


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  1. A good reminder that I need to load some apps that I've been wanting to try. I'll be sure to add the one for Watermarks. Thanks Celise. Have a super Sunday!