Friday, January 17, 2014

WW and Me week one

OK, after one week back on Weight Watchers... I lost 3 1/2 pounds. Yay. Good start. Cannot say I was an angel this week, but I did pay attention to a few basics.

  1. I ate breakfast every day.
  2. I tried to schedule all mealtimes.
  3. I did not snack at night unless I was hungry.
  4. I did not consume mass quantities of food.
  5. I sat down at the table to eat all my meals.
  6. I deliberately tried to slow down my eating.

#6 was probably the most difficult for me. I am one of the fastest eaters in the world. I consume food without talking, breathing, chewing... I never give enough time for my stomach and brain to communicate with one another, hence I don't know I am full until I am over stuffed. I attribute this fault to being raised in a large family and loving to eat. If I didn't eat fast enough, there wouldn't be any food left for seconds. As a youngster (until I was 30) I had a super high metabolism, I could eat any and all food and not put on weight. It was great while it lasted.

Week 2 I plan to concentrate on healthy meal planning and slowing down. I don't plan to change my lifestyle, losing weight is not that important. I want to learn to fit healthy and smart eating into the way I live. I.e., the wine cooler is still fully stocked and there is plenty of chocolate in the freezer.

By the way, Happy Birthday, John! We are going out to dinner, so tonight will be a challenge. One thing for sure, No cake today, he'll celebrate with a bowl of ice cream, that is his preference. Phew, dodged another bullet. Until next week...


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  1. Good for you, Mom!

    I bet John is happy about #6, too. The slower you eat, the more time he has to finish his plate so you can't steal the food off of it ;) Hehe!