Friday, January 31, 2014

Das Auto with Attitude

I have a 2007 Volkswagon Pasat. I bought her new 6 1/2 years ago. She has served me well; 68,000 miles and still going strong... However, she is very finicky, does not like extremes at all. I learned very early on that my car became defiant when the outside temperature reached 100 degrees. We were driving in beach traffic from Annapolis to Delaware on a Saturday morning in late July 2010 (what were we thinking?). The temps on the east coast that summer were well over 100 degrees, my Pasat just dies, right there on the highway. Scary? You bet. Fortunately, she started right back up again and was ok from there. But it was a warning. Once again I was driving somewhere locally the next summer and came to a stop sign. Dies. I look at the outside temp, 100. She says take me home and leave me in the garage, I don't want to be here.


I always figured she was German engineered and partial to colder temperatures. Wrong. I learned recently, with these extreme cold temperatures, she really wasn't happy in either spectrum. I am so used to starting her up, putting it in reverse and backing out of the garage. NO! The noises that came out of the dash board were relentless. The message screamed "STOP THE CAR!" Didn't take me long to figure out she was cold, and like any old bird, it takes a while to warm up those joints before we can move. So I learned to go out to the garage a few minutes early and let her drink her morning coffee before heading out.


We are getting along much better now that we have a mutual understanding and that's good because we're in a relationship for the long haul.

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