Thursday, March 13, 2014

Don't sweat the small stuff

Non stops out of Myrtle Beach are rare. Major airlines must connect either through Charlotte or Atlanta. In our case travel to Oakland CA is not just one connection, but two. The trip we took on March 11th was a whirl wind, as much as one can be with 2 layovers. We had only 40 minutes in each location which is barely enough. The planes on either end of the trip are small and they do not permit any carry on luggage larger than a backpack. Any normal overhead compartment carry ons are stored in cargo with a pink ticket and you have to wait on the ramp for the baggage handler to retrieve them for you. The operative word is "wait" which when you have a limited amount of time for concourse hopping, can't happen.

So we got smart and paid for two suit cases at check in. We were so happy when we got to Atlanta because we had to traverse from one concourse all the way to the farthest international concourse. Why international? Last I knew, Los Angeles was still part of the United States. But the tram went to places underground I had never been and finally stopped. We took the 1/2 mile escalator up to the top hoping to find F2 gate at the beginning, but no, gates were in reverse order, all the way at the other end, we rushed and got in the tail end of the line. Thank goodness for reserved seating.


LAX was not so bad, all of Delta's gates are in the same concourse, we actually had a breather before our zone was called. At last, we arrive and deplane. I dug out my claim check. Standing at the baggage claim we retrieve a big red suitcase, yay. Then... Nothing. The carousel was empty. Oh no. You never need your claim check unless.... The worst happens.

The woman working the evening shift was very nice. She looked up my check code... My bag was still in Atlanta. Really? She asked, can we deliver it to you? Well yeah, I don't want to have to come back to the airport. Incredible, they were so helpful. They gave me a claim check and a toiletry bag courtesy of Delta. Inside the bag was everything I needed to make it though the first night including a T-shirt.

The next morning I found an email from letting me know the bag arrived at 11pm and would be delivered in the morning. By the time we got back after lunch it was sitting on the doorstep. No sweat.


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