Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A slip of the fingers

So, our final night on the west coast, we book a hotel on the bay, 5 minutes from the airport. After 7 days with grand kids, I thought a little adult time would be nice. The last time we stayed at this hotel, it was wonderful. We had a suite over looking the bay and no one was in the hotel. Hello! It was Saturday on Easter weekend.


So we get dropped off at the doorstep and my daughter with her three youngin's drive away... What happens? I am sorry, Mrs McLaughlin, we don't have your reservation, but I do have ONE room for $249. I have a confirmation number. But, oh oh... My reservation was so messed up! My confirmation was for two days ago. I was devastated! How could it have happened? Not only is there no space at the inn, but my reservation has gone by... NO SHOW, paid in full.


I think she was concerned for my health, because she went back and checked with the manager. I had to pay today's rate but they would give me a credit for my screw up. Whew. Had they not had a cancellation for today we would be sleeping in the lobby. Anyway, we have a room and we are going home tomorrow.


I cannot believe I messed this up so badly. I am totally responsible. Horrible feeling... Getting old and unreliable.

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