Sunday, February 2, 2014

Tax Bowl day

Today is tax day, which means no play time until the work is done. I am dreading the contents of the jelly cabinet. That is where all the paperwork goes during the year. Every January I have good intentions to sort as I go, but that never lasts long. Fortunately, the paper has diminished significantly over the years as most transactions are completed online. I already jammed the shredder earlier this week discarding my 7 year stash. It is always interesting to see what has changed between then and now. One shocker was the cost of cable TV. How did that get so out of control? Multiple TVs, multiple DVRs, multiple tiers, phone, internet... That's how.


It is the necessary evil that must get done. I prefer to tackle it now in the unlikely event that I have successfully played the deduction game this year and either Uncle Sam or Govenor Haley (or both) will graciously return some. Past years I have tipped in favor of Uncle Sam only to rob Peter to pay Paul, if you know what I mean.

Hopefully I will find some play time today. After the taxes are done, the dogs need their walk and it's bath day for both of them. I also plan to make three amigo chili and beer bread for tonight's sporting event. Some football game, I think.

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