Friday, December 26, 2014

Fabric cutter

Several months ago, soon after I got my silhouette cameo, I invested in a special fabric cutter blade. Actually, the blade is the same as the paper cutter except the plastic covering is blue. Just like I would never allow my sewing scissors near paper, the blue cutting blade is Only for fabric.

Today I broke the little blue cutter out of its packaging and used it. There is a new grand child due next month and two months ago I bought fabric to make this little addition a quilt. Other projects kept getting priority so the fabric stayed in its bag in the closet until today. No one knows if the baby is a boy or a girl including the Mom who specifically wanted to keep it a secret. Her rationale was that there are so few surprises in life, she wanted this one to be hers.

Anyway, she calls this child Baby Booth (its last name) and has decorated the room in greys and beiges. There is no animal theme, no color, just boring baby beige. So the quilt I am making is beige, grey, ecru, eggshell and white. Are there any other words that describe beige? No animals, just clouds, grey fields and snowy beige skies.



That is ok, it will be very functional. Maybe the baby's first birthday will be in color.

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