Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sea turtles go home

I found a quilt on Pinterest from the 2008 Tokyo quilt festival of a sea turtle brigade that caught my eye. Litchfield Beach, where I live, is a popular spot for the loggerhead turtles to lay eggs. Walking up and down the beach you often find nests where 100 or so eggs are buried just waiting to be hatched. I thought it would make a beautiful mixed media painting.


On my silhouette cameo I cut a full page of sea turtle die cuts. I didn't need all 54, but you always allow for extra.

Once I had all the sea turtles extracted, I used a white gel pen to paint the shell and highlight the head, arms and legs.

I used a 14x18 canvas and covered the background with a blend of gesso, teal, tan and beige acrylic paints.


I used a new method I learned recently with torn sheets of paper. They make a wonderful, realistic curved border mask that allows your colors to align properly. I also used a sheet of paper at the top to create a perfectly straight horizon. The ocean does look very flat from the beach. If you look very closely at the final painting, you will see a few of the turtles have already decended into the water and a large school of fish are swimming above.

This mixed media is different than the others I have done to date. More closely resembles an acrylic painting than an abstract. I am going to look for a white frame and hang this one in my turquoise kitchen.

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