Monday, July 7, 2014

I've got Class!

Three of them, simultaneously. Busy, but loving every minute.

Camp Scrap is a six week summer camp with classes on Mixed Media, art Journaling, using paper kits and design. The unedited May Flaum from Simon Says Stamp is acting camp director. Class is a hoot; laid back, technique driven, lots of good stuff.

This is a card I made in the design session. I never would have thought of using the sewing machine to take patterned card stock to another level. It works.

Next class is called Cameo Basics by Studio Calico. "Cameo" as in silhouette cameo, my electronic die cutter I got for valentines day. This came bundled with another class called "Cutter Edge" which covered all the products your cameo can cut and utilize. I have placed that class on hold, while delving into this one. The Cameo basics is designed to teach us the right way to use our $$ die cutting toy. Tips and tricks you cannot figure out by trial and error. I successfully executed "print and cut" - still a long way from mastering.

In This card above, an example of print and cut are the clouds. The cameo has a feature where you can print colored images on a regular computer printer then feed the same document into your cameo and it cuts around the images. It does this by using registration marks and a laser reader. Pretty smart, I say.

Lastly, I won a class by commenting on a blog to Claudine Helmuth's "Composition for Collage" on Big Picture classes. I came in a week late, but caught up. It is a 4 week class on different compositions. I have been doing collages in mixed media, but did not know they had specific names of types. Asymmetry, Horizon (high and low), vignette and grid, just to name a few. All very fascinating.


I call this collage "A Passion for Pedals". It is a vignette collage which means it stays inside and doesn't wander off the edge. If you look just right of center you can see Miss Gulch on her bike. I'll bet Todo is in the basket ready to jump out.

I have done several other collages, journal entries and cards this past week too, but let's not bore you anymore.


Thanks for visiting. Have a good day.

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