Friday, November 13, 2015

Get back to basics

I have been so remiss in writing my blog. Back burnered it. Today I was reading a friend's blog, who I might note has also been remiss. But I really like her style. It was simple and easy to read. Just day to day stuff. That was exactly What this was supposed to be. Today is the day before Thanksgiving. Not really, but for me it is. We are entertaining 10 no, it was 12, of our dear friends tomorrow with a Thanksgiving buffet. Two turkeys, stuffing, mashed potoatoes, cranberry sauce, lots of veggies, rolls, appies, and of course, my friend Barbara, a marvelous baker is bringing desserts. I got 8 bottles of wine and I am considering pulling out one of the special Freemark Abby $$$ wines to share too. My thanksgiving cards are done and ready to send out. 90% of my Christmas cards are done too. Attending some on line card classes has helped to keep me motivated. Thanks for stopping by.

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