Saturday, September 6, 2014


A friend of mine gave me a tube of primary color quilling strips. I watched a video on YouTube to get some training on the process and made some shapes and designs. Then I stumbled upon a video in French on how to make a butterfly, I thought her project was gorgeous. It did have English subtitles, so I figured Why not? I cut some black and white strips and printed a very large monarch from Bing images as my guide.

The printout was placed inside a plastic document protector and that pinned to a cork board.The image was very symmetrical, I am not sure nature is that exact, but I tried to build all the parts in twos in order to mirror each wing.


I had thought quilling was only for flowers. I am pleasantly surprised to find so many artistic uses for these strips of paper. I think I will mount this with a black mat and put in a white frame. Next time maybe I will do a colorful bird. But not today.


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