Friday, September 12, 2014

3 Cereal Boxes

I have had three cereal boxes sitting on the windowsill in my workshop for about a week. Today I used them. I found a YouTube video a while back that showed how to make mini albums from cereal boxes, I made one before that holds 6x6 scrap book pages. I have been using that one for the grandchildren, I wanted to make more for other scraping stuff I do including ME.


These are the five I created today. For the first I used the honey nut Cheerios box, cut the box down to 6 1/2 by 16 including the spine. I used the remainder to make a smaller 4 inch album. The second was a cinnamon toast crunch box, I made another 6 1/2 inch album and used the remainder to make a 3 1/2" mini. The last was an all bran box which was big enough to make one 6 1/2 album.

The honey nut Cheerios box is now a baby album for the baby to be.

I put two pockets inside in the same paper as the backing.


I thought these colors would be great for another album, unfortunately when I attached the backpage cover it was upside down, so I had to flip it over and apply another strip of paper. I love the black die cut.


This is the inside of the cinnamon toast crunch album.


Finally the all bran box was used to create this multi color album in fall colors.


The inside of this album has dual pockets using the same paper as the cover.


The minin minis were created using the left overs. They are so cute. Not sure what I will use them for yet.. But I will think of something.


Inside of the brown flowery album.


The inside of this album is cut outs of some coordinating papers I had in my stash.


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