Monday, January 4, 2016

Heart shaped envelopes

I am taking an online Valentines card class. Today's lesson was creating mini envelopes out of a heart cut out. It would make a perfect craft for kids to make valentines for their friends. But I wanted something big enough to send in the mail, perhaps with an A2 sized card inside.

So I got on my silhouette and developed a heart template that when folded was the size of an A2 envelope. I included perforated cut lines where the folds would work best. I tested out 2 previous versions before I settled on this one.

I used paper, not cardstock, so my cutter blade was set on 2 and I selected copy paper setting; it took the full sheet of 12x12 paper.

You must be extremely careful when removing the paper from your cutting mat because the paper tears so easily, I also learned that during test 1 and 2. "Focus on the task at hand". My mantra for 2016.

Once the heart has been removed from the cutting mat you can start folding on the perforations.

These are the finished products. I would make certain to use some type of adhesive to make sure it did not pop open if it was sent through the mail. Also let the recipient know not to throw out the envelope after all that effort!

I will include a copy of the cut file... If I can figure out how to do that..

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