Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Step One. START

Stress is inevitable this time of year. Mine is all self imposed. I have no job commitments, no kids under foot, no health issues. So what is causing me stress?

Truth is, I want to do so much! I want to take classes and make cards and do artwork. I have so many ideas and what should be oodles of time... But the days whiz by and I don't feel I have accomplished as much as I could have.

When you look at this photo you probably wonder what??

It is a start. That alone is a major accomplishment. I have been wanting to do this particular mixed media canvas for a couple of years. Granted a few years ago I had neither the experience or product to complete complete it.

Last week I started a composition and design art class at Coastal Carolina. Perfect! Because today I have the products, I have the expertise AND now I even have a platform upon which I can create this masterpiece.

Stay tuned...


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